Letter for Service Recovery

Dear Mr Bennert,

Greetings from Marina Bay Sands! Allow me to first express my deepest gratitude for choosing us as your preferred accommodation choice for your holiday. We are glad that you found our hotel comfortable and clean, and we hope that you have had an enjoyable time in Singapore!

We are truly regretful to hear about the service that was rendered to your family last January. We understand the frustration and disappointment you have towards the matter. I am sure it was stressful for you and your family as all plans have been made in advance.

With regards to the breakfast booking, we have reviewed the matter with Agoda. We have also spoken to both the Front Office and F&B manager regarding this matter and have advised our colleagues on how to better handle e-bookings made through third party websites.

As for the difficulties you experience when accessing the roof top pool, we have feedback your concerns to the relevant departments. We understand that the pool is the main feature of our hotel and all guest should enjoy a hassle-free experience. We are continuously looking for ways to improve and implement new initiatives  to make this possible.

Naturally, we are concerned with the inconveniences that you experienced, but please be assured that it will not happen again. Do let me know when you are intending to next visit us so that I could personally assist you with your reservations.

Thank you once again for your feedback and patronage. We sincerely hope to regain your trust and we look forward to welcoming you again at MBS!

Warm regards,

Daniel Mitchigen
General Manager
Marina Bay Sands





2 thoughts on “Letter for Service Recovery

  1. iamjoeylee says:

    Hi Wirda,
    The empathy was clearly shown. It is good that the letter clearly addresses all the problems mentioned and organised neatly with good paragraphs used. However, the letter seems too long and could have been more concise. I also realised that there were no apologies stated in the letter and it does not show any form of benefits that the guest can get out of it. There is nothing in the letter that could attract the guest back to the hotel.

    Overall, I think it is a good piece of letter. Good job guys.

    Joey Lee


    • Wirda says:

      Dear Joey,

      Thank you for your kind feedback on our entry!

      Our team felt that it was important to address all the concerns raised by the guest. This may be the reason why the post seemed a little long. Personally, we adopted the approach based on what we would expect from the hotel if we were in the guest’s shoes. Additionally, we felt that the rewards or compensation was not really the focus of the assignment, so we did take it lightly 🙂 Nevertheless, it was a good point raised!

      Thanks again Joey!



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