Developing my personal brand

Personal branding matters. It can play an integral part in depicting how other view you. Sure, I can say “I am approachable”, “I am kind” and “I am fantastic”, but how others perceive me ultimately depends on how I project myself across. Ultimately, should I be “approachable”, others will naturally associate me to being approachable (because of my actions, behaviours and reputation). This, to me is strong personal branding.

All the areas that was discussed during seminar eventually interlace one another, to play a part in painting an individual’s overall branding. For example, during the topic on ‘self’, we discussed about how one should be conscious on his or her character such as emotions and behaviours. It is after knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses, that he or she is able to market or improve themselves.

My strengths…..? I place them in my “qualities” basket! Well, what to do with my weaknesses then? Well, we all got to start somewhere. Polish up the rock and it will one day turn into a gem. When all that is sorted, I would add that into my “qualities” basket. Personally, I feel that this basket is a  good way to start building on my personal branding. Qualities in these baskets are those I would like refine on, to really differentiate myself from others around me.

Concepts such as the Johari window shows me that sometimes, what I see from my point of view, may not be in tangent with how others view me. In most instances, this is due to the information that I choose to reveal or project out. I would definitely need to remind myself that personal branding is alike a two way street.Although my strengths may be “powerful” or “useful”, if it is not displayed during my interaction with other, it may be meaningless.

To further hone my personal brand, I think I should find more avenues to express my character, principles and beliefs. Starting this blog, for instance, is a good example of how I could develop my personal branding. It provides readers an insight to a part of me, which may not be accessible, when having face-to-face short conversations. Additionally, I could also get feedback from others around me, and find out what they think of me. This will allow me to evaluate how others perceive me and later focus on traits which are misaligned and do not truly reflect me.

Post revised on 15 Feb

Post commented: Rong Zong


5 thoughts on “Developing my personal brand

  1. rongzong says:

    Hi Wirda,

    I like how you write and the way you communicated in this post. The way you phrase your content was unique in your own personal style.

    Knowledge of Communication Concepts:
    I felt that you managed to include most of the communication concepts in your post but you could probably phrase it in a more personal way in terms of how these concepts are applicable or relatable to you in a certain way.

    Appropriate use of text structure and written presentation of ideas:
    In terms of the way you structure the post, I am sure you had a misunderstanding of how the post was supposed to be written, thus, it has turned out to be more of a personal blog post as well as summarized of the concepts we learnt. Probably due to time constraint, I felt that the last paragraph ended a little too abruptly. However, I would have to say that there is some kind of flow in the way you presented these concepts which I felt it was good!

    Depth of Reflection:
    Your blog posts certainly has some kind of depth of reflection as you manage to get most of the concepts right and summarize what each of the these concepts meant.

    Overall, there is definitely room for improvements. All of us do make mistakes especially when we were given such a short period of time to come up with a blog post. I do think that you have a better writing skills as compared to me and with some minor adjustments and a little bit more time, I am sure that this blog post would turn out even better! Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards
    Chua Rong Zong


    • Wirda says:

      Dear Rong Zong,

      Thank you for taking time to read my post and for providing such valuable feedback! You are right about me misinterpreting the guidelines! I definitely felt silly when I realised it was not supposed to be written this way. Haha! I will certainly relook and edit my entry to see how I could better address this exercise. Thank you once again for your kind words of encouragement!

      Best regards,


    • Wirda says:

      Dear Brad,

      Thank you for visiting my site and reading my post! I have taken note of both (RZ’s and yours) feedbacks and I will look at improving my post. I will certainly also address the part on refining my personal branding into this post 🙂 Will give you an update once I’m done!

      Update: Dear Brad, I have revised my entry and included my thoughts on how I could improve my “Wirda” brand. Let me know what you think!

      Best regards,


  2. Brad Blackstone says:

    Thank you, Wirda, for taking the time and making the effort to develop this post. Your reflection with current and suggested actions seems appropriate. The feedback will certainly continue to arrive, so mostly it’s a matter of hearing and acting on that.

    And of course, I love the idea of having a blog!


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